Clemson vs. Georgia: A Renewed Rivalry

The loudest noise coming out of the ACC this week is the renewed rivalry between the Clemson Tigers and the SEC’s Georgia Bulldogs.  For 14 years, from 1973 to 1987, Clemson and Georgia played each other every season battling it out on the field while playing some of the most intense games ever seen.  Many of the fans on both sides remember these years and how both teams won back to back National Titles in 1980 and 1981.  Growing up outside of Clemson, SC, my father told me how the rivalry between the teams would make the games fun not only to attend, but also watch from your home.

This game, which is being cover by College Gameday in Clemson, has brought up many feelings on both sides. Many of the students who attend both Clemson and Georgia have never experienced this mash up before since the last time these teams met was ten years ago in 2003 when the Bulldogs beat the Tigers 30 to 0.  For the Tigers to come out on top in this game they need to buckle down and shut out the Bulldogs offense head on. Throughout polls Clemson is seen as the underdog going into this game.  According to Brian Leigh of Bleacher Report , Clemson, ranked three places below the Dawgs in eight place, needs to drop numbers into coverage and force turnovers.  By dropping numbers into coverage it allows Clemson to cover more ground and it gives them a better chance to stop Georgia’s passing game.

While both Clemson and Georgia are very talented teams, both teams have a big Saturday ahead of them. The sideline that has the most determination and drive until the ending whistle will come out as the winner. Past games have shown that both teams have what it takes to win it all and that’s the beauty of football.


3 thoughts on “Clemson vs. Georgia: A Renewed Rivalry

  1. connorriley

    I liked how you included historical data in your post, as well as citing your dad’s experience with the rivalry. However I would avoid using cliches, I think it took away from the blog post

  2. tanyasic

    This was a nice personal spin on something that was widely discussed last week. You backed up your piece well and explained the importance of the rivalry to your reader. That being said, this blog post was a bit cliche in terms of the big rivalry narrative. I agree with the previous comment regarding the last paragraph.

  3. Kristin Hiller

    I like your first paragraph with background information on the team’s previous meetings. I didn’t know Clemson and Georgia always played each other for 14 years. To critique, there are a couple grammar issues in your post and the last paragraph sounds pretty cheesy.


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