ACC Conference USA Second-day Stories

This second day story ( on the NCAA’s eligibility ruling regarding Steven Rhodes of MTSU is a great example of the “what does it all mean” angle that many second day stories take. Although the NCAA ruled in Rhodes’ favor, David Climer of The Tennessean is quick to point out the deterioration of the NCAA’s credibility with cases like this.

While many sports writers and analysts have been spending the last few weeks predicting the outcome of the pending Georgia vs. Clemson matchup this coming weekend, this second day story ( does a great job taking a less approached angle–acknowledging that this game is still just a season-opener. Ed McGranahan of The State juxtaposes Coach Swinney’s “It’s just an opener” remark and other sound bites with a bit of history regarding what used to be a very important rivalry game.

Sorry about the links, my hyperlinks would not maintain for some reason and kept deleting themselves out of the text.


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