Second Day Stories

For my two second-day stories, I chose two different takes on the most notable quarterback controversies in the Pacific-12: the ones at Oregon State and USC. For Oregon State, the competition between Sean Mannion and Cody Vaz is still undecided with the season less than a week away and’s Ted Miller took an interesting take on the battle by explaining head coach Mike Riley’s experience with using two quarterbacks through a narrative. I enjoyed this article because it took a different take on the situation, reminding the readers that the controversy will be decided by the coach just as much as it will be by the two quarterbacks. The second article I chose courtesy of Bleacher Report’s Amy Daughters took a stance on the USC quarterback battle by blaming head coach Lane Kiffin instead of glorifying him as Miller did with Riley. In this post, Daughters spun the controversy into a showcase of how far the team has deviated in its trust of Kiffin from the beginning of last season rather than simply detailing the pros and cons of deciding between Max Wittek and Cody Kessler.


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