PAC 12 and WAC

When I knew I had to cover PAC 12 and WAC, I immediately turned to Twitter for information. From Twitter, I learned of some experts on both beats and more about both conferences. I quickly turned to ESPN’s PAC 12 Blog. ESPN”s PAC 12 Blog is authored by Ted Miller and Kevin Gemmell. Miller has covered college football for 16 years. Gemmell is extremely knowledgable about west coast football as well. I like that the blog is credible and delivers a range of sports news not fluff.

For WAC news, I looked to the CBS Sports Blog. Though WAC is a dying conference, the blog takes a fresh approach to covering the news. The blog explained why the 50 year old conference is disintegrating without employing a lot of jargon. The blog also had an active voice and effective word choice.


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