As someone who does not closely follow professional football (until now of course) I was more or less intimidated by many of the blogs I came across while first perusing. The organization of SB NATION’s NFC blogs was extremely helpful though. The drop-down box organizes the NFL into two AFC and NFC columns, and down the row it organizes NFC into North, South, East, and West, with hyperlinks to each time. This site makes it extremely easy to locate general information.

After delving multiple pages deep into the abyss that is a google search I was a little disappointed in my search. I was hoping to find a blog broadly covering the entire NFC, but what I found were blogs covering the specific regions, or even specific teams. Most of these seemed somewhat fan-based and lack of reliability seemed it could be an issue in things I came across on blogs other than ESPN, Yahoo!, CBS, Bleacher Report, or SB nation. So, ut of these options ESPN is my favorite as of yet because it’s NFC blogs provide great detail and entertaining insight from sources that are reliable. Kevin Seifert’s blurbs so far are the ones I like most.


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