ACC-CUSA second-day stories

On Sunday, Vegas betting officials released the opening betting lines for the 2013-2014 college football season. One of the games of interest was defending national champion Alabama’s 18- to 20.5-point spread to beat opening-day opponent Virginia Tech (ACC). Andrew Gribble from The Birmingham News did a little research and found a little tidbit that the Hokies haven’t been this big of an underdog in a season-opener since 1992. Gribble was able to twist the Vegas betting odds release story in a way that would allow his readers to apply the odds to Virginia Tech.

From Conference USA is a second-day story that truly did take the next day to write. Middle Tennessee State’s football team made the news when Blue Raider walk-on Steven Rhodes, a former Marine, was denied NCAA eligibility because of his tenure with the Marines. However, the media caught wind of another NCAA rule that seemed a little bit overboard, and the decision was ultimately overturned. The USA Today article acknowledges the NCAA’s decision to change the ruling and the article spoke to how the national attention may have sped up the process.


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