Dez Bryant’s reaction and Aaron Murray: Second-day stories

In this second-day story , Dez Bryant talks about his feelings towards the NCAA investigation of Texas A&M’s quarterback, Johnny Manziel, and the allegations against him of being paid to sign autographs. I liked this article because it gave a different perspective of someone who had been punished by the NCAA in his college days and wanted to see what will happen to another athlete in a tight situation. It was a different take on how most other athletes or reporters were reacting to this investigation with how it will affect the football team of Texas A&M or Manziel himself.

Another second-day story that I liked was about Aaron Murray getting tabbed as the 1st-Team SEC QB over Johnny Manziel. This article talks about why Murray deserved the honor of being placed on the 1s-team over Manziel and defending national champion AJ McCarron, using some statistics to back up his opinion rather than just bashing the SEC coaches’ pick.


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