Second-day stories- Manziel and Chris Paul

Aaron Murray was selected, ahead of Heisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel, to the preseason coaches’ All-SEC squad as the first-team quarterback on Thursday. Opinions flew from every direction. Maxwell Ogden’s article argues that, maybe, Manziel should’ve been selected over Murray. He addresses all the issues and angles involved in this vote and develops how this may have been a more political vote rather than a vote on talent.

Ben Bolch’s second-day story on the election of Chris Paul as new president of the NBA player’s  association offers the audience a little bit of the past, the present, and what’s yet to come. Coming off a rough patch for the NBA, the player’s association needed a fresh new face, and Chris Paul brings just that. This article shows how optimistic the NBA is after his election after coming off some rocky times.

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