Solid Blogs

The term “head- hunting” is a lost cause in this day’s NFL. ESPN North blogger, Kevin Seifert, does a great job of describing the controversy surrounding Chicago Bears linebacker Jon Bostic’s hit on Mike Willie in his ESPN Blog. I like the fact that Seifert clearly states the rule that may or may not have been infracted, but then goes on to give the reaction of some players around the league. It just so happens that Dustin Keller was knocked out for the season on a hit to the knee that was deemed legal a few days later. That adds an even greater debate to the story.

Anything news surrounding Tyrann Mathieu, who was previously deemed “The Honey Badger,” is going to get a readers attention. Any football fan knows the history of Mathieu’s drug abuse, and the nation is eager to see what he has to bring to the NFL following a year without football. The Bleacher Report’s Tyson Langland does a great job in breaking down Mathieu’s play throughout  his first two preseason games. Langland goes deep into his analysis of Mathieu’s technique and positioning, and it seems like he could be in for a big year.


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