ACC-CUSA good blog posts

Andrea Adelson’s blog on the ACC’s season-ending rivalries is a credible one, first off, because Adelson is a credible journalist. Her experience covering college sports with the Orlando Sentinel solidifies that. What I like most about this blog, though, is the forward thinking. She brings up the idea of Louisville-Kentucky being added to the conference’s repertoire of season-ending intrastate rivalries to go along with Florida State-Florida, Georgia Tech-Georgia and Clemson-South Carolina. The difference is, Louisville won’t be a member of the ACC until next season. It proves that Adelson is not only on top of her blog, but she is several steps ahead.

This Bleacher Report blog is relatively dated at this point, but I remember reading it when Skip Holtz was hired as the head coach at Louisiana Tech. This post is great because it begins with basic reporting, even linking to the ESPN article by Brett McMurphy that broke the initial story. After the basic news coverage, Bleacher Report’s K Beck give the analysis that is necessary to turn it into a quality blog post. There is a solid balance between the news that is being reported and the author’s “take” of the situation.


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