NFC Blogs

When looking for blogs that provide the information you need without a lot of useless filler information and unnecessary opinions, the first place I went was the ESPN NFL Nation series of blogs (it breaks conferences down by division, with the South here, North here, East here and West here). Although I don’t always like ESPN’s broadcasting work, they usually do a pretty clean job with their writers and have some really talented men and women. The reporting on these blogs is fantastic, and when late-breaking news hits, you can be sure that they will keep you up to date.

Surprisingly, when I was looking around for good blogs related to the NFL and NFC, they were somewhat hard to find. One I actually liked was the SB Nation series of blogs for the NFL. It does have its limitations, including that they don’t have a subsection for conference, only the entire league or individual teams. However, the pages for the individual teams are pretty well organized and its a great place to go for news and notes and reporting. SB Nation also doesn’t just include the exact same things as ESPN’s blogs, so its a good place to go for fresh perspectives and insight.


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