“Why?” Junior Seau article

The SI cover story Jim Trotter wrote about Junior Seau’s suicide is a well written, detailed article honoring his life and exploring why he did it and the controversial topic of NFL players and brain injuries. I like how the article begins by telling a story about what he liked to do on a daily basis and how he seemed like a happy man to others, and then goes more in depth about how he never liked people to see him hurting in football, and how off the field he was the same way. The article also is a great tribute to his football legacy and leadership.



4 thoughts on ““Why?” Junior Seau article

  1. laurenamayosports

    Junior Seau was one player many of our generation grew up watching. His death is a story talked about but not many know the truth to the man and his death. Trotter effectively tells Seau’s story in the article. He illustrates him as a man not just a football player.
    He allows reader to get to know who he was and emphasize with him and his loved ones left behind. Trotter anecdotes really helped him create a compelling piece of work.

  2. Ben Bolton

    Junior Seau was one of the players that made me love football. I grew up watching him and Ladainian Tomlinson and admired both for their skill and work ethic. The article does a great job of paying tribute to Seau, while still providing context and history of who he was. It was a sensitive story, and the writer handled it well. With such a serious article that could be written so many ways, Jim Trotter hit the nail on the head by presenting the facts of Seau’s suicide and providing anecdotes of how he lived his life.

  3. kfairbanks22

    I had heard of Junior Seau’s death but I did not know what a great guy was until I read this article. He inspired many to try as hard as they could in practice, give back to the community, and be thankful for what you are given. Jim Trotter does an excellent job commemorating this player’s life. With all of the concerns over the issue of head trauma in the NFL, Seau’s story strengthens the need for a speedy solution to this problem before more people get hurt.

  4. cpace2016

    Seau’s death was one of the more tragic sports events in my memory. The guy was so dominant on the field and it’s hard to imagine him not being in control off the field. I think what this shows us is the power of mental illness and how it can take down anyone. The story was well written and very respectfully done. Guys like Seau are the ones that make the line between getting exciting, hard-hitting football and player safety exponentially thinner.


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