The Fight in the Dog

Once I read our homework assignment I immediately knew what my favorite article was. This Sports Illustrated article, highlighting Jarvis Jones, was an intriguing one. Andy Staples did a fantastic job at capturing an emotional, yet interesting enterprise story about the successful college athlete. This is a quality example of journalism to me, because Staples did a fine job of discovering something different about Jones that helped others to understand the driving force behind his love for the game of football.


3 thoughts on “The Fight in the Dog

  1. jnhernd

    I remember reading this article in Sports Illustrated last year, and becoming even more of a Jarvis Jones fan after reading it. Watching him play for the Bulldogs, I saw him as just a great athlete and was unaware of his full backstory. I did not know about his brother being murdered when he was growing up, and Staples did a great job of telling the story and how it drives Jones even more as an athlete. I also loved reading that he wants to build recreational centers for children in his home town to get them off the streets. The whole story is very inspiring and I am glad that Staples showcased it in his article.

  2. kfairbanks22

    Hearing about all of Jarvis Jones’ troubles at home makes me view him as an even better player (if that’s possible). It is inspirational to see he has overcome so many challenges and made a great life for himself even if he didn’t come from the best upbringing. I hope that this story inspires others to appreciate what they have and to make the most out of life. I really enjoyed how Staples included so much information from Jarvis’ childhood. It emphasized how strong of a person he is inside and out.

  3. kohiller

    After watching Jarvis Jones play at multiple Georgia games, I was really glad to read this article to gain some insight into his background. I knew he came from a rough area, but I had no idea just how troubled his youth was. The author did a good job in picking out the important things and not letting the article drag on. He paints Jones in a positive light, as an inspiration to young athletes.


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