The Burden of Being Myron Rolle

This article by Wright Thompson — who I think is the best in the business — breaks down an average week for the not-so-average Myron Rolle. Thompson analyzes how Rolle manages to balance the double life of being a Rhodes scholar, whose goal is to be a neurosurgeon, and a standout football player at Florida State, whose goal is to play in the NFL. Very few people can claim that they were able to experience either of those incredible feats, so Thompson is constantly humanizing Rolle, while de-humanizing him all at the same time.


3 thoughts on “The Burden of Being Myron Rolle

  1. tanyasic

    I just got back from studying abroad in Oxford this summer, which made this article even more of a joy to read. A story like Myron Rolle’s isn’t just heartwarming, it’s inspiring. The content is remarkably personal, as Thompson always writes as if he is fully immersed in the mind of his subject. My favorite aspect of this piece is by far its structure; segmenting pieces of the story by the day made me feel like I was spending a week shadowing Rolle and getting to know him myself, much like Thompson did to make this wonderful piece a reality. The subheadings that read, “Myron, who explains why he talks to himself” and others of the like, allowed the article to flow from topic to topic while allowing the reader to read and recall significant parts of Rolle’s personality that make him such a unique and inspirational subject.

  2. bpatbend

    I remember when Myron Rolle was being recruited out of high school as one of the nation’s top safeties. I knew he was special because a huge part of his decision to choose Florida State as his school was his desire to chase his professional dreams of being a doctor. I like how the author goes through a day to day life of a student athlete, not just any student athlete, but rather, a Rhodes Scholar.

  3. nickvsuss

    I think Ben made a great choice with his article. Wright Thompson went above and beyond the necessary level of reporting for this article to do more than just tell an interesting story about a unique athlete. This article provides insight into the life of Myron Rolle and took me as a sports fan into a place I had never researched before: Oxford. Additionally, knowing that Myron went on to achieve his goal of reaching the NFL after the article was published made the story all the more impressive in retrospect.


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