Peyton Leaves Home


Article on when Peyton left Indy. As a lifetime colts fan, my heart was broken. But this article put things in perspective by multiple media sources.


2 thoughts on “Peyton Leaves Home

  1. jamiehannn

    I grew up in the suburbs right out side of Indianapolis and grew up a die-hard Colts fan, I even wore my Peyton Manning jersey to school the day after the loss to the Saints in 2010. I was devastated when I watched the press conference on my phone in the middle of math class through my head phones that sad day. Outside from my personal perspective as a fan, I thought it was a terrible move by Jim Isray to let Manning go after his contributions not only has a player to the team but as a role model of the community and a key leader in the franchise. After finishing dead last in the league without Manning, it was clear that you NEED him and it was very unloyal of Isray and the Colts to release him after just 1 year. After seeing the turnaround season Andrew Luck brought to Indiana and seeing Peyton have an astonishing come-back season, it seems like everything worked itself out for the best.

  2. mariyalewter

    I dislike Peyton Manning, but I was really sad when I found out that he was released by the Colts. I felt that it was wrong for them to let go of him when he has done so much for their organization, but I like this article’s take on the situation.


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