Making History with Shannon Eastin

Although I have read many great articles about sports, I am a sucker for minorities crossing gender and racial lines in the sports industry. With the football season starting up, I thought it would be appropriate to post an article from SI about the first woman official in the NFL, Shannon Eastin. Making history is almost guaranteed multiple press attention, but I paid close attention to this article in particular. I appreciated the background information in this article as well as her present challenges she still faces being a female in sports.


One thought on “Making History with Shannon Eastin

  1. theshandacrowe

    I thought this story was interesting more in interesting news than in writing merit. Of course as a girl wanting to enter a sports journalism, a world primarily dominated by men, I was interested to read her story. The writing was more on level with a basic news post than a feature story, but I suppose that is not always the goal.


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