Kris Medlen vs. the World

This article is a fantastic feature on Atlanta Braves pitcher Kris Medlen. Ray Glier of SB Nation goes deeply into the makings of Medlen’s success last season. Glier spins the story as David vs. Goliath (Medlen vs. the huge baseball players of today). I like this article because baseball has always been an integral part of my life and I appreciate how Medlen relies on his skill set rather than his size to be successful in the majors.


5 thoughts on “Kris Medlen vs. the World

  1. haveiarrived

    I enjoyed reading this article. The Atlanta Braves tidbit attracted me to reading it but it was very well written.
    I love when authors use analogies effectively. By comparing Medlen’s baseball career to the David vs. Goliath story, the author kept my attention and wanted me to read the article in its entirety. Comparing Medlen vs. the huge baseball players of today to the biblical and beloved David made me read on to see how Glier would match Medlen’s experiences to David’s.

  2. loganbooker

    A good read.

    I love how Medlen appears to be a child on the mound, then goes on to dominate so many of the best hitters in the game.

    In the article, I like how the graphics and stats were used to support claims in the article.

    Also, I am so glad the Braves treated his rehab in from every angle the Nationals id NOT treat Stephen Strasburg’s.

  3. Maria Torres

    There are a lot of wonderful aspects to this article, including but not limited to Glier’s use of observation. This story would have crashed and burned if Glier hadn’t clearly spent a long time watching Medlen, both in and out of games. Glier used every detail he could think of, which humanized Medlen beyond compare. It’s a very well-researched and well-written profile.

  4. cpace2016

    I really like how Glier moves through the piece, although the first little bit kind of read awkward to me. I always like getting background information on guys like this, especially when they’re as entertaining and humble as Medlen is. The guy has great stuff and he’s young. Even with some rocky games this year he has such a bright future ahead of him. If you liked this article, I recommend you watch the “Driven” episode on him, it goes into a lot of the same stuff.

  5. kohiller

    I enjoyed reading this article because of the comparisons the writer used. He pointed out Medlen’s shorter height than most baseball players and his bubbly personality on game day, as opposed to the hibernating style of other pitchers. I especially liked the intro paragraph with the last line, “He’s size regular, suit, hat and ego,” because it puts a professional athlete on the same level as the reader. Overall, I really like reading profiles because it makes you feel connected to the story’s subject and you learn something you otherwise wouldn’t know.


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