If Antoine Walker Shimmies, But It’s In Boise, Is He Really Shimmying?


My favorite sports article to date, written by Chris Ballard for Sports Illustrated, chronicles the  the pratfall of Antoine Walker. It’s interesting to read the details of how a man with accomplishments  that only MICHAEL JORDAN can equal (NCAA title, NBA title, and over $90 million made during his NBA career), can be living in near-poverty, playing with dreamers in the NBADL who would feel honored to have one bench-warming NBA season. However what has made this article stick with me is that Ballard unearths the heartache of many a pro athlete that oft goes unspoken. Ballard does an incredible job of detailing the pressures that elite athletes often fall prey to, and that is not having a trustworthy source for financial advising but also the pressure to remain loyal to one’s past, even at the stake of one’s wellbeing. Although frivolous spending was a main factor in his financial demise, it is reported  that Walker had 30-70 friends and family members on his pay roll. I think Ballard did a commendable job in illustrating that elite athletes don’t just inherit fame and riches but also a completely taxing new set of pressures. It also goes without being said that Ballard does an outstanding job of humanizing the mistakes of a man that are entirely too easy to condemn and somehow igniting a little flame of hope in the reader for a man who’s past should garner anything but.



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