Boston Strong

The greatest sadness that could come to a sport’s fan life is when their team faces defeat.  As sports fanatics, we carry an attitude of “we win together, lose together.” Sometimes, that loss is greater than a buzzer beater, or a walk off home run, or a Hail Mary play.  The Boston Marathon bombing is a perfect example of this.  Not only the people of Boston but everyone in the nation came together in support of the city of Boston.  This story exemplifies how sports is greater than a win or a loss and how it can bring people together for the greater good.



9 thoughts on “Boston Strong

  1. bpatbend

    Sports bring people together, even in the face of tragedy. This article is a perfect example of how fans will band together to fight what’s going on outside the “arena”… I like how the author describes the national anthem, performed not by one, but hundreds in attendance.

  2. jnhernd

    I clearly remember watching a youtube video of the national anthem during the Bruins game, and was very emotional after seeing everyone come together to sing in honor of their city and their country. This article does a great job of describing the emotions felt and the incredible pride Boston fans have for their city, sports, and its people. I enjoyed how the article focused more on the emotional aspects rather than the score, and talks about how sports, its players and coaches can help the city through hard times like these.

  3. Miss__Melanie

    Sportswriters are often told to throw emotions out of the window when it comes to covering sports. That’s a tough thing to do in normal circumstances just because of the passion behind sports. In this extraordinary circumstance, it’s impossible to ignore emotions and McDonald does a great job of covering the outpouring of emotions by Boston teams the same way a game would be covered. He gives you a very brief summary of the actual game itself but even he, a sportswriter, knows that it wasn’t really about the outcome of the game here. It was more about people uniting as one to stand strong in the face of tragedy.

  4. Ben Bolton

    The great thing about sports is that when something happens that transcends and rises above who wins or what the score is, fans of any team will join together as people and rally behind the things that really matter in life. This article represents not only that phenomena, but also how players can become symbols of hope in any tragedy. The candid interviews where guys talked about “getting goosebumps” made this article great, and Joe McDonald did a great job at getting out of the way and letting the characters tell the story.

  5. mariyalewter

    I actually watched this game, and it was very emotional for me as a Boston sports fan. I agree that this article helped show how sports can bring people together and how they go beyond just a game.

  6. kfairbanks22

    It’s amazing to see a nation come together after a tragedy. I liked how in this game they honored not only the victims, but also the first responders. It was encouraging to hear that even though there are evil people in this world, they don’t stop us from living our lives- many fans came out to this game a week after the bombings. Even though there was heightened security, I probably still would have been too scared to go to a sporting event in Boston right after the bombings. This story affirms that even though regions may be divided by intense rivalries, sports unify this country.

  7. The Real Critic: J.Mari

    So many times in sports we only look at the box score, and do not pay attention to the emotional aspect. This was the clear exception. I thought the highlight of the Boston Strong movement was when the Yankees played the Red Sox theme song before the Red Sox v Yankees game in the Bronx.

  8. kohiller

    This article did a good job in relaying the emotional aspect of sports, the way a sports event can lift spirits and heal in tough times. In a way, going through with a sporting event means life is moving on. I think the Boston Strong movement will continue to last for awhile as a bonding unit. I’m glad the writer had quotes from multiple sources, including players, coaches and firemen.

    1. catrinar31

      After reading Joe McDonald’s article, I can say that it was one of the best works I have read in weeks. The way that he coordinated the emotion of the game and the reason the game was important to the fans was brilliant. The way he tells how the hockey players of Boston got involved in helping Boston was very heart felt. McDonald also was smart in the way he used the quotes from the different people. I enjoyed the article, and I would love to read more of Joe McDonald’s articles in the future.


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