Tom Brady in Postgame Daze after Super Bowl Loss

In 2012, Dan Wetzel wrote a fantastic piece for Yahoo! Sports that vividly illustrated the hour following yet another Super Bowl loss to the Giants for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. What I love most about this article are the incredible details, such as the description of Brady’s every movement and the time stamps, which work together to fully convey how time stood still for Tom Brady once that game clock stopped. This article reminds us that Brady is very much human at the end of the day and that all of his celebrity (and mockery by media and fans alike) goes out of the window during tough moments like that one.

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Ever since I was in 6th grade I've aspired to become a sports journalist. I'm currently in college studying Journalism with an emphasis in Magazines. I love personal interest stories. I have a passion for finding out interesting things about entertainers/athletes and things that make them tick and sharing those interesting stories about them to the world. I root for athletes & stories more than teams. I also love music and feel that it complements my life. I create soundtracks for different times of my life and I highly respect artists and their creative processes. Interviews are my passion and I look to conduct several of them over the course of my life. My dream job is to be a publicist for athletes and entertainers because I love and respect them so much that I want everyone else to see them and love them the same way that I do.

4 thoughts on “Tom Brady in Postgame Daze after Super Bowl Loss

  1. jnhernd

    This article pulled me in from the first sentence. Wetzel did an incredible job of describing the emotions Brady was going through after losing the Super Bowl, and made it seem very real. I really liked how he used short sentences and included all of the details, like what time it was. Although I am far from a Patriots or Tom Brady fan, this article made me sympathize with Brady, even though he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and has plenty of victory stories. Wetzel made Brady seem like a real person, by focusing on the humanistic and emotional aspects of him, rather than just his athletic ability, which makes it stand out from usual articles written about him.

  2. Maria Torres

    This article captivated me from the beginning. The lede packs the kind of punch we all should strive for. Wetzel weaves a great, flowing narrative about a lost season that doesn’t so much as point out the loss of a Super Bowl as much as it points out the loss of a man’s nerve. And it’s not just any man. It’s Tom Brady. And to be able to humanize a player of such fame in such an infamous moment takes a lot of talent.

  3. ncastre

    I was amazed by this article. Wetzel did a fantastic job really pulling the reader into this piece by making them feel like they were in that locker room sitting next to Tom Brady himself. The breaks in the article that tell what the current time is to show how much Brady had to get done right after the game, as he barely got 30 minutes to himself to just mope about the loss before he had to face the thousands of questions from the media. This piece really humanized him and made you realize that these aren’t just people that we see on play a game on TV, they are human beings with emotions and a loss like this for the second time really haunts him after this game. I also liked the fact that Wetzel put in the piece about Brady’s wife trying to find him and then being able to comfort him, because it shows the kind of relationship that they have not only in front of the cameras but off it as well.

  4. jfedich

    It is the articles like these that tell me I am meant to be a sports journalist and not a sports fan. My fascination for the tremendous detail and imagery in this article far outweigh my enjoyment in recounting Tom Brady’s sadness from his second Superbowl loss to the New York Giants. Even though I was raised to hate everything Boston sports, Dan Wetzel still made me feel bad for Brady when he wrote that Brady was just short of winning his forth Superbowl, and for the time being would have to settle with three. Every other quarterback in the league would do anything to have three Lombardi trophies in their possession. I guess it is the fact that Brady has been arguably the most successful over the past decade that made me question if he truly feels the sadness other players feel when he does not achieve what so many others have not even gotten close to achieving in their careers. I guess it is a combination of Brady knowing what it feels like to win mixed with losing to the same team twice in the most important game that causes him to feel worse than any other player around. Bill Belichek keeps his players out of the spotlight for the most part. It was great to read this article because I was able to picture an inside look of a publicly emotionless superstar in Tom Brady feeling full of emotion, something I would not have gotten from Sportscenter.


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