The Trouble With Johnny

I chose this piece written by Wright Thompson, because Thompson does an Incredible job portraying Manziel, and showing how his life is spiraling out of control. The story shows just how big Manziel has gotten, and how he is currently dealing with it. I think its just fascinating that a guy our age is getting this much coverage and scrutiny.

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My name is Connor Riley, although some government documents tell me my first name is Kevin. I love sports,movies,music and my dog Bodie.I am a journalism student at the University of Georgia and a proud Centennial Knight alum.I also enjoy a good game of pick up hoops and to go running on occasion.You can follow me on Twitter @Connornotkevin.

One thought on “The Trouble With Johnny

  1. loganbooker

    As I mentioned in my post, anything Wright Thompson writes is gold. He did a great job with this article as well. I enjoyed how he really got into Johnny the person, and did not stick with strictly Johnny the football player.

    After reading the article, I found myself having somewhat sympathy for Johnny, but I still feel the “trouble” with Johnny was completely brought on himself.


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