The People V. Football

One of the greatest stories I have read is Jeanne Marie Laskas’s story on the NFL concussions issues. She uses Fred McNeill, an ex football star, as an example in her story. The way she connects Fred and the concussion issue shows that you have to know how to catch your reader’s attention, but you still have to be able to show what is important and the purpose of the story.


3 thoughts on “The People V. Football

  1. nickvsuss

    This article took a much different perspective than most other articles I’ve read about the concussion issue in football. Whereas almost every other article I’ve read takes the perspective of how we should prevent it for the future, this article explains why we should prevent it. The story of Fred McNeill is both touching and a cautionary tale and more football players and officials and even lawmakers should use this story as evidence that the game needs to change.

  2. vannabro

    I fully enjoyed reading this article! Knowing many friends who play collision sports this article brought a lot to my attention. Jeanne Marie Laskas did a great job adding in imagery and really pulling at your heartstrings. You can tell that she cares about this issue and she wants her readers to be informed. I would love to read more from her and learn more about her research on this topic!

  3. collinsbradshaw

    I really enjoyed this article. I really like how Jeanne Marie Laskas basically walks the reader through every step. I really like how she tells a story within her article. Very awesome and very well written. Thanks for sharing.


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