The Greatest Game Nobody Ever Saw

It’s a profile, an event coverage, and a game story all rolled into one 14 page long article, and not to mention, it’s about the original Dream Team. As a fan of the documentary of the same name, I knew I would like this article from the beginning, but the writing was also really well done. The author told the story including funny quips and relevant quotes from a variety of sources. The real beauty is in the details though because we get to hear the whole story: the background, the play-by-play, and how the players felt about all of it. I just really enjoyed this read.



2 thoughts on “The Greatest Game Nobody Ever Saw

  1. Benjamin Wolk

    This is one of those stories that is about something that is HUGE, but somehow goes unnoticed. Though it is long — no, really long — it is all necessary. Jack McCallum does a great job of using his voice, but my favorite part is how he intertwines the voice of the players who participated. He clearly recognized that the people telling the story, guys like Charles Barkley and MJ, were going to have powerful and entertaining things to say, that would give the reader a better impression of what the game in Fort Wayne felt like to actually participate in and attend.

  2. connorriley

    Jack Mccallum is a great writer. He also wrote a book about the dream team, detailing the team then and now. I think this article just shows the cultural importance of the dream team, at the time and the lasting worldwide impact they had years later


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