No Man Is An Island

Before Wednesday’s class, I didn’t have a favorite sports article nor had I ever heard of Gary Smith. After hearing Professor Suggs praise the SI writer, I thought I would check out some of his work. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. In fact, I was blown away.

I had never read a sports article posed in the style that Smith uses. Right from the beginning, I felt as if I were reading a novel. Smith develops a relationship between the reader and the subject. In this particular article, golfer David Duval is the topic of discussion.

Before reading Smith’s work, I had thought very little of Duval. Only a washed up, has-been that couldn’t handle the pressure of the spotlight. By the end of the piece I had developed an entirely new perspective of the man. From the tale of Duval’s troubled childhood, trouble playing collegiate golf at Georgia Tech, to his success on the PGA tour, all the while trying to find a feeling of inner peace and satisfaction. Smith’s article made me come to respect someone that I previously deemed irrelevant.






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