Lebron James a new man in Miami after first year


I really loved this article when I first came upon it because it really humanized this man that people deem the “freak of nature”; especially at a time when he was coming off a disappointing first season in Miami. The author of this article, Lee Jenkins, does a really good job of using James’ personal anecdotes of what Lebron did with his time in between seasons to prepare for the new season such as how he changed what music he listened to and cutting television out of his life to avoid hearing criticism about himself from various outlets. This is also a great article in that it really shows the amount of pressure that was placed on James to become a champion a few years ago and the shoes that he had to fill of those greats that came before him.


3 thoughts on “Lebron James a new man in Miami after first year

  1. crstroh

    I completely agree that this article really humanizes Lebron and shows us a more personable side to the sports icon. The details on aspects of his career before Miami, back to childhood, kept my interest and softer side to the story.

    1. catrinar31

      I could not stop reading this article. The author Lee Jenkins did a great job in making Lebron James seem more real in this article. The way the Jenkins related Lebron’s childhood to the present was brilliant. It makes him more relatable to the public.


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