Tour de France Article

I don’t know if I would say this is the best article I’ve ever written, but it is definitely a quality piece of journalism. Henderson puts a perspective on the world of cycling that most people don’t see, especially after the Lance Armstrong scandal.

Tour De France Minus Lance Armstrong

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I am a current junior at UGA pursuing a degree in Magazine Journalism with certificates in Sports Media and New Media. I am a diehard baseball fan and I still love high school sports. In my spare time, which seems to decrease every day, I run.

2 thoughts on “Tour de France Article

  1. jfedich

    One of my least favorite parts of the sports that are not football, baseball, and basketball in America is the focus on just a few athletes and not on the sport as a whole. I particularly get concerned about this with cycling and golf, as Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods have received far more coverage than any other athlete. Americans, including me, would watch the Tour de France simply to see how Lance Armstrong performed. Likewise with Tiger Woods. I cannot count the amount of times I have been watching a golf tournament where too much of the focus has been on Woods being too 4 over par, the announcers trying to understand why he is not playing up to form, while a pair unknown golfers are duking it out at 10 under. I can guarantee that far less Americans are watching cycling, the Tour de France more specifically, now that Lance Armstrong is done. I fear that golf, a sport I am a little bit more passionate towards, will lose much of its following once Tiger Woods is retired.

  2. egrims

    I know when I think of cycling, the first — and only — person that comes to mind is Lance Armstrong. So reading a story that brings up other athletes in the sport is refreshing. In this story, John Henderson makes me care about a sport I haven’t been a huge fan of in the past. It grabs your interest even though it isn’t solely about the athlete everyone knows best.


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