The Wheels of Life

One of the greatest sports stories I have ever read is the story of Rick and Dick Hoyt. This father and son team prove that anything is possible and that “It’s a Good Life” indeed. This article in particular is especially effective because it includes all of the doubts, setbacks and downfalls in the Hoyt’s life, which triggers stronger emotions from the reader when they learn of Rick and Dick’s accomplishments.


5 thoughts on “The Wheels of Life

  1. ncastre

    This article was so heart-warming and just inspirational overall to read. Dick and Rick Hoyt are two people whose story just makes you tear up from the sheer beauty of it. A father that is willing to do what he can to make sure that his son gets to have experiences that he otherwise would not have been able to have. I thought that Gary Smith did a very good job in showing the ups and downs of this father-son duo and everything that they have had to endure for these races. It is sad to know that someday soon we will not have the pleasure of seeing Dick and Rick Hoyt running and wheeling down to the finish line, but what is certain is that their story will forever be close to the hearts of the people who have witnessed its magnificence.

  2. collinsbradshaw

    I really enjoyed reading this story. This is a very unique and intriguing story that catches the readers attention. When we think of father/son bonding, we think of playing catch or a pick up game of basketball. Dick and Rick Hoyt were limited to playing sports to bond so they found another way to bond over marathons. Although one was running and pushing the wheelchair, the other was encouraging and they were truly in every race and trial together. This article is so inspiring to me. Thank you for sharing.

  3. welchsuggs

    I ran the Boston Marathon in 2002 and surprisingly was running well toward the end of the race. Coming around a curve near Boston College, I could hear a roar coming up from the crowd. All of a sudden I passed a (relatively) old guy pushing a much younger guy in a tall, unconventional wheelchair. They were running around 7min/mile, and it was just astounding. Only after the race did I learn the story of the Hoyts.


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