Rajon Rondo: All grown up


This article was written last season by one of my favorite sports writers, Jackie MacMullan. I really enjoyed this article because Jackie helped to convey Rajon Rondo’s maturity, leadership skills and love for his teammates despite his poor reputation for being stubborn and moody. She also gave a new perspective to Rondo and Ray Allen’s strained relationship that no other journalist was able to do.


4 thoughts on “Rajon Rondo: All grown up

  1. Miss__Melanie

    Jackie MacMullan does a great job of presenting Rondo as the little brother who has grown into a man. I love the way she emphasizes his leadership status through the persuasive quotes of his teammates but again refers to the adolescent concept by mentioning small but memorable details such as the teddy grahams and capri suns. That excerpt was so telling as it portrayed Rondo as both a child yet a leader because his teammates were still coming to him for the snacks. I think as general (one-sided) fans, we often think of Rondo as the way he appears in the media which is “stubborn” and “moody” as MacMullen said. It’s so easy not to think of how his teammates view him which is a stark contrast from his media personality.

  2. connorriley

    As a celtic fan watching the maturation of Rondo has been a fascinating watch, and this pierce really sums up Rondo. Yes he can be stubborn but at some point all great NBA players are. Yes Rondo mailed in games last year, but when their was a game against say the heat or thunder, Rondo would elevate his game to be one of the top players in the league. It will be interesting to see if is maturity issues come to rise again this season, as he is coming off ACL surgery, and this will be the worst Celtic team since the pre KG days

  3. The Real Critic: J.Mari

    Being a Celtics fan, I may be a little bias to this article. It goes without saying that Jackie MacMullan is one of the best in the business. Rondo is an elite point guard. After years in the shadow of the Big 3 and Doc Rivers, now it really is his team. His team alone. I’m anxious to see how he responds.

  4. tarulloanna

    Loved this article! I have been a fan of Rondo since his Kentucky (and rifts with Tubby Smith) days and feel like I’ve forever been defending him. I was delighted to read this piece and have it be known that despite his tough exterior and reluctance to step into the leadership role, he is maturing into the leader the Celtic’s need him to be. My favorite part was the comment on the difference in leadership style between Allen and Rondo, how neither is good nor bad, just different.


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