Growing up running cross country and track you know the name Pre. The reason I love  Michael Musca’s Runners World article about him is because he too grew up loving Pre.  Even though he passed before my time, my father would give me books and movies about his life. I always attack any obstacle like Steve Prefontaine would. Even though it has been three decades, he still is motivating and changing runner’s lives worldwide.


One thought on “Pre.

  1. jleber10

    I think it is fascinating that someone as great of a runner as Prefontaine was not a phenom from the time he was in middle school. To me, that showcases Pre’s perseverance and drive to achieve his goals. I also liked how Musca told an in-depth report of the days of his life that have not been covered before. A criticism I would have of the article is that there are a lot of PR numbers/statistics, which limits the audience for the story. Also, the story is listed almost perfectly chronologically, and I feel it would have been conveyed better if Musca had woven it in a more non-linear fashion.


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