O.J. Brigance: American Inspiration

I love this article mainly because O.J. Brigance is an inspiration to anyone. Seeing him in this condition with the positive outlook on life goes to show anyone that they can and should look at life the way O.J. does. I especially like this story because unlike most sports stories, this one doesn’t focus on his awards or accomplishments but rather his role on the team and his legacy he leads when he is no longer physically able to play.


One thought on “O.J. Brigance: American Inspiration

  1. egrims

    I enjoyed reading this story. Like Collins said, the story focuses more on Brigance’s positive outlook rather than his accomplishments. It’s an important story for people to read because it motivates you to push through the hard times. Anyone can suffer a setback — even elite athletes like Brigance. I think the writer Brandon Comeaux does a good job at relaying emotion to the readers. I feel a connection with Brigance’s story that I’m not sure I would have felt had someone else written the piece.


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