Mike Cervenak is not a prospect


Narrowing down my favorite sports story for me was a difficult task, so much so that I’m not sure I found it.  However, this story is the best one I’ve read recently.  I have always been a huge fan of baseball at all levels.  If you follow it enough, you always hear about guys in the minors that will be the next Jeter, A-Rod, or Rivera.  But what about those that never get a shot at the big time?  I think this article brilliantly profiles the life of Mike Cervenak, a minor league lifer, someone who has had only 13 major league at-bats while playing in the minors for 15 years.  I think Curtis does a great job blending humor and sadness to showcase the struggles of a type of professional athlete you never hear about.


2 thoughts on “Mike Cervenak is not a prospect

  1. crstroh

    This story is great because it reminds you that some people truly love baseball and are willing to play– and play fairly– without the glory. The guys Cervenak’s age we all here about are usually attached to doping scandals or their downfall, but this guy is just playing is heart out for the love of the game. Also, I had no idea he was part of the Phillies organization when they beat the Rays, and I vividly remember that game 5.

  2. egrims

    This was a fantastic story. You mainly hear success stories in sports, so reading about someone who isn’t one of the stars was an interesting change. Although Mike Cervenak isn’t a standout athlete, this story shows that he really is a star in his own terms. Not many people would continue with the sport after so many disappointments and bad breaks like he had. Cervenak might seem like an average guy to most people, but Bryan Curtis writes about Cervenak in a way that made me want to know more and more about this ordinary guy.


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