Blood and Guts

I am always a sucker for an emotional or inspirational story but that’s not why I enjoyed Tom Verducci’s story about Curt Shilling after game two of the 2004 World Series. Not only does Verducci bring up the well-known injury to Shilling’s ankle and how he pushed through the pain to help the Red Sox win their first World Series title in 86 years, but he digs deeper into Shilling’s arrival in Boston as well. I really like how he does more research into the fact and shows the reader how the whole historic moment might not have even happened.


2 thoughts on “Blood and Guts

  1. loganbooker

    I agree with Vaughn that this article did a great job of showing how some athletes are not “all about the money” which is such a perceived notion in today’s sports world. I remember watching this game and not believing what I was watching. The article took me back to those exact feelings of not being able to help route for a guy under such extraordinary circumstances.

  2. vaughn9

    I think this shows that athletes who make million dollar contracts can still have a great love for the game they are playing. Schilling had pride in his own individual performance and felt he owed the Red Sox Nation something as a marquee pitcher and a Boston hero -a feeling that isn’t echoed throughout most professional athletes today. It feels good to know there is still a passion for the American Pastime and that money doesn’t pull all the strings just yet.


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