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Mia Hamm is about my age, and during her playing was a phenomenon without a voice or personal presence. Reading Gary Smith’s profile of her and his description of the difficulty of getting to her as a person showed me how to violate one of the most sacrosant rules of feature writing to make a story better. You do not ever involve yourself in a story: This is why we don’t write in first person in this class. But Smith is able to convey his own challenges in really getting to know Hamm by using a lot of humor, details no other writer would get, and the player’s guardedness itself.


2 thoughts on “Homework example

  1. collinsbradshaw

    I love this article mainly because O.J. Brigance is an inspiration to anyone. Seeing him in this condition with the positive outlook on life goes to show anyone that they can and should look at life the way O.J. does. I especially like this story because unlike most sports stories, this one doesn’t focus on his awards or accomplishments but rather his role on the team and his legacy he leads when he is no longer physically able to play.


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